Friday, January 8, 2010

Attack of the Blackheads!?

I am19 and have never ever had any sort of skin problem not even pimples! Now I keep having breakouts and these little black spots are appearing around my mouth and nose! I know they're blackheads and I knowits bad to pop any sort of pimple so how do you get rid of them! Seriously I'm getting married and I dont want to be all blotchy!Attack of the Blackheads!?
congratulations!! no matter what, do not pop them out or pull them out because this leaves big holes...which look terrible. wash your face with warm water (not too hot or cold) three times a day (morning, afternoon, and night) with a mild soap. don't use hand soap because this dries out your skin. also try Biore strips too. you look weird for some time but it gets rid of blackheads on your nose and around your mouth. they are not too expensive either.

if these do not work then go see a doctor and they will be able to prescribe an antibiotic for you. however antibiotics kill bacteria, which cause acne. blackheads are caused by dirt so washing your face is the best thing to do.

good luck!Attack of the Blackheads!?
go to the store or pharmacy and get you some Biore deep cleansing pore strips combo pack for face and nose its a little expensive but not that bad it really works my teenage son uses it and I do too try ceansing your whole face with a strigent solution use guaze pads you'll be amazed how much dirt and makeup you have that you can't see
I've found that Proactive works very well. If you don't have time to order it there are products at the pharmacy that will help.
Well, there are facial scrubs that are supposed to get rid of them.

Some do work, but i don't recall the name of them right now, sorry.
have a professional facial done they get rid of them
I would get treatments that are formulated for blackheads. There are tons of them out there (Neutrogena, Biore, etc.). Also one of the best things is Pore Strips. They really help.
its probably stress then....

um... theres all sorts of neat facewashes that work really well, and masks for blackheads
It might be a dermatitus condition that many women who are under a lot of stress (like that of getting married) get. My dermatologist gave me an antibiotic that cleared it up. That may be the quickest solution for you.
I hear ya, I am 32 and still get zits. I went to the dermatologist about 5 yrs ago and it cahnged my life, he perscribed a topical called Klaron and it is wonderful. See if you acn get into see a doc soon. Also, try getting a facial to steam out those blackheads.
u need to buy a deep down cleansing scrub-i'd suggest somethin from neutragena. i pop my blackheads anyways b/c otherwise they stay for a long time and hurt. if u don't want to, put on an over-night mask or toothpaste b4 u go 2 bed. there's also a scrub that heats up to open your poors and clean them that are for blackheads-i think its from Biore-but i know its a green bottle/tube thing.

p.s. if you get them around your lips its probably from food, drinks, or (most likely) lipgloss or lipstick so be cautious when you eat/drink or apply lipgloss.
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