Friday, January 8, 2010

How do u pop blackheads?

i have one of them blackheads tools but it doesnt work n nothing else helpsHow do u pop blackheads?
you don'tHow do u pop blackheads?
time basically because it should eventually go away on it's own, but you could put some acne medicine on it as well to dry it out.
Find a good aethetician. They're trained in skincare and can help with this. You can find them at spas and salons. I wouldn't try to remove them yourself as they can become infected and inflamed. But if you insist here's an article from cosmopolitan on They tell you how to treat them at home. If nothing helps at all and it really bothers you then go see a dermatologist.鈥?/a>
do it after the shower because there is a lot of steam in the room and it makes it easier.
Well, Biore strips can unclog many of them. They work especially well on the nose. In my experience the Ponds brand doesn't work as well.
bobby pins work fine
boil water in a pot. then put it on your table with a towel over your head and steam your face for 10-15 min. then your pores will open up and you can squeeze them
Boil a pot of water, lower your head over the pot, place a towel over your head covering it, allow the steam to open your pores. Then take a mirror and use a clean towel to GENTLY squeeze them out. If this doesn't help, repeat the steaming process and use BIORE's pore strips. They really work.
first off...ew. lol

if you have ever gone to get your eyebrows threaded to one of those threading..places they get your blackheads too with cold wax...try it...

i know its ussually in India/Pakistan areas(like china town)

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