Friday, January 8, 2010

Blackheads/Acne around my hairline?

So I only have blackheads/acne around my hairline on my face. I play I sweat a lot (because we are locked up indoors..ha). Is all the sweat causing my acne? Or might it be my shampoo? Any ideas or suggestions how to get rid of it is great too! (Helpful hints like...wash your face right before practice..if that does nice to share also) Thanks :DDBlackheads/Acne around my hairline?
It could be the product in your hair. If you wear your hair down and it touches your face, the natural oils and product can clog your pores causing the acne. The sweat can cause your face to break out because the sweat is coming from your hair line and the oils are probably mixing with your sweat causing the acne.

You can wash your face before you practice but definitely do right after practice. Also I would bring a little towel or wash cloth with you to practice so you can wipe off excess sweat. Make sure it is regularly cleaned or else it will contribute to the acne.Blackheads/Acne around my hairline?
i agree completely with the comments above heres some more things you could do; tie you hair up tightly so that no hair falls on your forehead, use face wipes after your games ( so that the excess sweat and oil is cleaned away, drink lots of water ( this generally helps all skin problems), use some pimple spot treatment cream on areas where the acne/blackheads is worse, or you could use a blackhead scrub (clean and clear):D

hope u get good results
When you wash your face, use sugar to scrub it, at least once a day, for two weeks to rid yourself of acne. Check out for more useful info. Check out for more useful tips to control blackheads.
could also be your hair product. i know silicon based stuff used to do that.

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