Friday, January 8, 2010

Blackheads? and acne? Scars?

I think they are black head's... i have tiny black dots on my cheeks, and nose every where and its annoying... i also have acne on my nose, and on my cheeks, but not so much.....I don't know what to do...?

Does anyone know a way that i can clear my skin from scars, and these dot's..i want fair skin, and very clean skin...^^!Blackheads? and acne? Scars?
Pine Tar Soap! Seriously! Call around to your local pharmacies until you locate some. A friend of mine bought some for her teenager who had boil like pimples and blackheads all over his face and back. After 2 weeks they are all gone! Pine Tar Soap is only about $4.00 a bar and is made out of the same thing that Drawing Salve for boils is made of. You could also buy a tube of Drawing Salve to put on bad pimples at night.

You can also buy some Retin A which comes in a tube and used to be by prescription only and will make your face peel drastically. (I was prescribed this about 26 years ago when I had a bunch of tiny bumps all over my face which turned out to be some sort of wart infestation! Within a day, my face began to peel in sheets and I swear it took off 3 good layers of skin and the warts as well!) Try the Pine Tar Soap first as the Retin A is expensive.

You can also dab Pine Sol on pimples with a Q-Tip. Because it is so strong, it will cause the skin to peel drastically. I used it to get rid of ring worm that I got from a friend's cat that I didn't realize was infested! Be VERY careful and only put a tiny amount directly on the pimple because it burns your skin (as does the Retin A) to cause the drying and severe peeling. Do NOT put it all over your face or you will be sorry!

Aloe Vera gel is fairly inexpensive and is a natural antibiotic and is also proven to heal scars. Buy some of that as well.Blackheads? and acne? Scars?
you should was your face like 2 or 3 times a day and don't scratch your face. also wear some lotion.don't was your face to many neither you don't want it to get dry because of it.

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