Friday, January 8, 2010

Best foundation for blackheads .. and freckles???

ok, so i have some blackheads on my nose area that id like to cover up (get rid of if anyone knows of a realllyyyy good product) but i have freckles, so i was just wondering if anyone W. freckles that knows of a good foundation?? .. or anything to help me :P

thx in advance!!!Best foundation for blackheads .. and freckles???
I have had really nice results using a mineral foundation. It feels natural doesn't get cakey like layering concealer does. I would go to a store that lets you sample cosmetics so you can try a product before buying. To dry up my blackheads I use Queen Helene's Mint Julep mask. The website has a lot of reviews that are very helpful!Best foundation for blackheads .. and freckles???
The best way to get rid of some freckles is by getting conceler. then coat your feckles with some liquid make up; and then a powder/blush.

hope it works for ya =]
Your black heads can be taken care of with neutrogena black head wash...or you can squeeze all of them out..but wash your face right after your done.

I love my foundation.. Its maybeline instant has caffine in it to tighten the skin. ITS AWESOME....then put blush and powder on over that...

put concelor on any freckles you can't stand before your foundation and let it set up for a bit...

also...there's that green covers up redness very put that under your foundation as well..good luck girly.

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