Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to take blackheads off?

i trited with the glue but it hurt alot and it didnt work but it did felt really good but i dont know what to do HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How to take blackheads off?
I suffer from blackheads around my nose and chin area.

I use biore nose and face pore strips about every 2 weeks and they seriously work wonders. I know they are expensive but every time you buy them they come with a coupon inside.

If you wash your face first and then apply a warm wash cloth over your pores, it will open them up. Then apply the strips and let them dry.

Also a cheaper alternative is going to the nail clipper/tweezer section and looking for a blackhead remover tool made by revlon. It is designed to push down on the skin and remove the blackhead without you having to pinch and pull on your skin which usually creates an even greater mess. I own this tool and find it useful for the larger blackheads. But i use both on a regular basis.How to take blackheads off?
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Why in the world are you attempting to extract your blackheads with glue? Blackheads cannot be ';taken off,'; they need to be extracted.

First of all, make sure you're using a proper cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type. Second, your blackheads need to be properly extracted. If you're doing this yourself with your fingers, you need to soften up and open your pores first. The best time for extractions is after a warm shower or bath, and after exfoliating. When you're trying to squeeze out a blackhead, make sure you are applying pressure with your fingertips -and not your fingernails - slightly downward on each side of the blackhead, NOT directly onto or into it. Make sure your hands are clean and free of bacteria. You can also try using a comedone extractor.

If you still can't get rid of your blackheads or have trouble doing so, you might want to visit a spa or dermatologist's office for a facial. They can use certain products in addition with electricity to liquefy and force out any pesky blackheads.
ummhh you just have to continuously wash your face.. 2 times a day. buy a good brand like clinique or something. and hope for the best! also you can get these little strips from like clean and clear that get all of the dirt out of your pores and like excess oil.. that helps.

good luck
You can't ';rip' blackheads off with glue. I'm not surprised that didn't work for you! lol. Blackheads are caused by trap dirt inside your pores. Wash your face with a cleanser specially for blackheads. Use warm water to open up your pores, then apply.
An ideal mask that extracts dirt and oil from clogged pores can be made by using orange peel and yogurt.It also opens up the clogged pores that cause acne and blackheads. Check out for more useful tips to control blackheads.
try that blackhead eraser thing you can get anywhere. get products meant for black heads and it should do the trick. you can try squeezing out the puss out of them. my friend does it and her blackheads are gone. you can try using strips it really helps. be sure to exfoliate and stuff and moisturize.
clean and clear's black head eraser!…

(you can get a $5 off coupon off their site too...and can buy it at any store like target or watever)

hope i helped!
There is a tool designed for this. Sorry I forgot the name, but saw it on the show doctors Wednesday. Don't use your fingers, you may get more bacteria in the poor.
the biore strips work pretty good, they also have a metal tool you can use i think you can get it at any beauty supply. you can also treat yourself to a facial to help with them
What kind of glue? Elmer's all-purpose glue is not strong enough. Try super glue.
Why did you use glue?

Get pore strips, and a pore unclogging face scrub. Biore works well and you can get it anywhere.

Also, Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser works pretty well.
You could try Biore pore strips. You can get them in the skin care section at lots of stores. They work reasonably well.
open your pores with warm water, and apply a blackhead treatment.
Good question. I am trying to find out the same thing, I just ordered Philosophy products they are suppose to be good for your skin
you tried with glue???


there are strips you can buy

biore is a good brand
Biore strips are good.
buy some nose strips in a boutique or may be in a dermadologist clinic
wait, you did it with glue and it hurt but felt good?? :\ uh oookay.....
glue? are u crazy!?

use proactive
biore strips or clean n clear blackhead scrub is a GOD!!!!
um use strips lmao

or pop them like a pimple and it will come out
have you tried biore pore strips?

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