Saturday, December 26, 2009

BLACKHEADS!.....a pain to get rid of!.......any quick fixes out there???!!!?

You could always scrub with a toothbrush? I tried that once and can't remember the results. Or you could steam, you know the romans used to steam, then a slave would come and scrape all the dirt off, then they would repeat, then they would have oil put all over them to seal up the cleanness. Sounds like a pretty good method.BLACKHEADS!.....a pain to get rid of!.......any quick fixes out there???!!!?
Semtex, a blow torch and a fire extinguisher, and some aloe vera to soothe the skin afterwards lolBLACKHEADS!.....a pain to get rid of!.......any quick fixes out there???!!!?
Biore strips work pretty well if you do it correctly. Instantanious!
Clearasil Blackhead Remover and facial cleanser.
Using the biore strips is a bad idea. They lift away healthy skin cells which causes redness. What you do is a combination of the previous answers. You can use the neutrogena blackhead remover or any acne treatment with 2% salicylic acid which exfoliates the skin exposing the blackhead. Then you use steam to open your pores. After this they should be easy to remove.
Search for this question on here, seriously you'll find like 1000 responses to Blackheads tips
Not too quick just plenty fresh food fruit and vegetables, good exercise fresh air and sunshine and old fasioned lifebuoy or carbolic soap but keep your eyse closed soap in them stings..

Go swimming inas getting salt water off a clean beach.

keep your handss off your face and keep your hand hygene as good as possable.
steam your face then squeeze...
steam then squeeze!!!

then wash your face with cold water =]

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