Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Removing blackheads?

i get rid of blackheads on my nose by extracting with just facial wipes and my hands.

is this safe to do?Removing blackheads?
I sometimes sqeeze them out (the ones that are ';easy'; to get out) Try some biore pore removing strips along with a pore minimizing toner. The ones on my nose are easy to remove, I just hold the skin REALLY taught %26amp; some of them just some out. Kind of gross, but it's fun.Removing blackheads?
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Yes, it is safe to do so, but using a salicylic acid based skin care products and Biore pore cleansing strips could give you a more satisfying result in removing blackheads.
It is safe, but there are easier ways.

I use a tool from Tweezerman that removes blackheads. I recommend it over fingers or biore strips. It's about 10 bucks, but has a lifetime warranty.
yes its safe but just squeeze and wipe and soap and water works for the world

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