Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I can't get rid of my blackheads..?

i've had them for a long time, on my nose and beside my nose. i can't get rid of them; i tired using steaming water on my face to bring them out and every thing involving steaming water haah. they wont go away. anyhelp?I can't get rid of my blackheads..?
whats your diet like?

keep your face clean wash it with soap and waterI can't get rid of my blackheads..?
use the neutrogena blackhead eraser:)
i use blackhead strips. you leave them on for like 15 minutes and then pull them off. when i do it alot of blackheads come out and they really work. you just have to make sure that the spot on your face where your strip is going to go has to be really wet
Cassie is right neutrogina is the best Option.
I have a couzin Jaque Miles her name is. Anywho, lol, ask your chemist or see a dermatologist.

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