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Well. I tried to ';pop'; a blackhead. Let's not do that. Any other alternatives for blackheads?

Biore heating clenser i love itWell. I tried to ';pop'; a blackhead. Let's not do that. Any other alternatives for blackheads?
Yes, there are a few:

You could try those Biore strips. They come in sizes for noses, chins, and foreheads (the three most common blackhead places) and they really do work well, but they HURT!!!!!!!

Or, you could get a good blackhead-eliminating scrub. Try Neutrogena Blackhead-Eliminating Exfoliating Scrub. It's mild enough to use daily, and it really does get rid of blackheads, but it takes a couple of weeks to really start seeing the results.

Or, you can give your face a steam bath. Boil water on the stove and pour it into a bowl, then tent your head with a towel and hang it over the bowl. Sit like that for about 10 minutes or so, and then when your pores are open, swipe a clarifying toner over your face with a cotton ball. That will get rid of the gunk that makes blackheads in the first place.

You're right about popping them, though- never a great idea.Well. I tried to ';pop'; a blackhead. Let's not do that. Any other alternatives for blackheads?
You can use any type of clay masque and any exfoliator. It doesnt have to be expensive, But the key is to be consistent, you have to exfoliate twice a day and use the masque twice a week or as needed. Also using a pore tightening astringent helps. If you do these things daily and not just for week you will see results in 1 month.
Why not treat yourself to a really good facial with a professional esthetician? He/She can really get in there and remove the blackheads in a safe and effective way, going deeper to the root of the problem than Biore strips can do (although they're not bad). Sure, blemish extractions hurt like %26amp;*@%)(#, but if your esthetician can be more effective, why not have that extra care and pampering? You'll love it!
To prevent blackheads, use St. Ives Apricot Scrub (medicated.) It's awesome, seriously. Your skin will be squeaky-clean.
The Biore' strips are great. Get the Ultra deep cleansing pore strips though. I have found they work better than the regular ones. Also, make sure to leave them on long enough until they feel stiff like paper mache'. If you use an exfoliating scrub daily, make sure to use one with micro-beads so it is not too rough on your skin and that it says for daily use. Some scrubs can be irritating.
I ried differetn strips nuthin worked! jst steam ur face n run ur nail along ur skin or sqeeze single ones !!

after that be sure to use a black head cleaner! i use ';nivea'; n sumtimes ';loreal!'
clean and clear blackhead scrub
biore's ultra nose stripes
Use clean %26amp; clear products for blackheads on your face. A good product I use it every day.
Biore strips. LOOOOVVEE IT ! It works like a charm. Or Apricot scrubs, ugh leaves yer face so soft and smooth hmmm i love it too!
well try running a towel under very hot water and press on to your blackhead after a while it will burst and after a day it will disappear also try toothpaste it got chemicals to remove pimples and blackheads, simply apply on the spot and leave it on overnight.wash in the morning and you will find its gone.
Those Biore Pore Strips work pretty good too. They're made for the nose, but I use them on my chin sometimes too. It's not exactly a perfect ';fit'; but it works just the same on other areas of the face.

With the Biore Heating out if you are wearing nail polish. For some reason, it ruins any polish jobs...just a heads up!!

Blackheads are the stubbornest things, very frustrating!
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