Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Get rid of blackheads?

ive had blackheads on my nose forever, i use this biore nose strip for it but it does nothing, and they will not go away, anyone know of a way to get the off my face?!?Get rid of blackheads?
Here is a summary of some great info a dermatologist recently gave on the show ';the Doctors';

Blackheads consist of dead skin cells and oil, and are a form of acne, and are often a result of sweat.

A dermatologist will use sterile instruments and if you are going to squeeze a blackhead, make sure to cleanse with salicylic acid, because it dries the oil and breaks up the dead skin cells.

When you extract a blackhead by hand, you鈥檙e getting some of the clogged debris out of there, but you鈥檙e also pushing more in and causing more inflammation, which just starts a vicious cycle

Nose-strips are fine for the nose, which has a lot of oil, but used elsewhere, they can irritate dry skin. If you go with the nose-strip, make sure to apply salicylic acid after removing it. (like Strydex)Get rid of blackheads?
Blackheads are the pores in your face getting dirty. If you keep your face clean and scrub them out every once in a while, they should stay away.

Wash with a facial cleanser before you go to bed and use a scrub once every couple of days.

St. Ives Apricot Scrub works fine, and Burt's Bees makes some good cleansers. (I like their Tomato Soap). Bonus... it's organic. Yay.

If your skin gets dry [flaky] doing that, you should use a light moisturizer afterward. Burt's Bees makes a good product for that, too.
Get a good sticky tape like packing tape put it on your nose for a while then pull it off. Washing nose with warm water and soap regularly will help keep them away.
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