Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I need help with blackheads?

After the birth of my first daughter I started having a rash that resembled excema on the sides of my face and on the top of my hands,no Dr or dermatologist could tell me what it was,well that has since cleared up and now on the sides of my face where the rash was,are alot of blackheads. I used proactive for about 7 months now and it is not helping.I have tried masks,and apricot scrub,also the biore strips,and cant get rid of them.Does anyone have any other ideas to help me rid my face of these nasty things?I need help with blackheads?
Honestly people will tell you to get this cream and that cream and you'll waste so much money buying this crap and it'll end up making it worse.

Go get a facial. You don't have to get an expensive one. Just go in and tell them what is wrong. They might do an extensive steam facial which helps unclog your pores and then can usually lift out the blackheads. Or then can help you develop a facial scrub made from natural ingredients, instead of alcohol based products.

It's worth it, trust me!I need help with blackheads?
use a steamer on your face so it can open up the pores than use that silver thing to pop pipmles (i dont know what its called) and use that for your blackheads or just push them out with your finger but the hot steam will def. work
I had a similiar problem a few years ago. The only thing that seemed to work well was washing my face with Ivory soap once or twice daily. Ivory helped to dry the oil and keep the ';dirt'; from sticking in the pores.

I haven't had any major problems with blackheads since I started using Ivory.

Good Lcuk
Flush your body out with plenty of water daily, and use a sauna once or twice during the week just to open up your pores and clean them out.
Steam your face. Or wash it with warm water. The warmer the better. Pop them out cuz black head are tougher to get out then pimples. Oh and when you do that. make sure to scrub ur face daily with a face scrub with warm water and then after you rinsed your face with warm water , rinse it with cold water to close your pores. And make sure not to touch ur face with your hand or fingers. If you have an itch try to scratch it with the back of your hand or go and wash your hands before touching your face. I had a friend that when I met her she had allot of black heads on her chin and i cleared them up for her. It will take time but if you do this you will have clear skin like she does now. Don't use Noxzema or Clearasil. Use Dove exfoliating scrub and nevea cream to moisture your skin. Remember your skin on your face needs to be moisture. All those other products that say that help you clear your face don't work. They only dry out your face giving you dry flaky skin which later becomes a rash. Oh and when you see a pimple start to come out, don't wait till its get bigger to pop it. Pop it when its first growing. that way you wont have no more pimples coming out in that part of your face cuz you took all that nasty stuff out.

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