Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Help with blackheads (face only)?

what colors can they be?

are there certain places they can be, or anywhere on your face?

can they come up on your lip-line? (i have small little black dots on my lipline, so im guessing their blackheads)

are there any home remedies, natural things i could use to get rid of them? ive tried scrubs, strips and exfoliators but they dont come off..

help please

thanksHelp with blackheads (face only)?
yea blackheads are really tough to remove. Mine seem to be looser than some people's, because i find i can squeeze them out with no pain or mess after a bit of a soak in hot water. But then again, i don't have a problem with blackheads, i rarely get them. For me it's big painful nasty whiteheads %26gt;:(

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