Saturday, December 26, 2009

What can i use for my blackheads?

If you are looking for something to clear them up try this medicine I use!

Brand- Contiously Clear Dry Lo

You can get it from under Beauty and then go to the brand I listed above. I would recommend this b/c this is the only medicine I have ever used and almost instantly saw results over night. Hope this could help you.What can i use for my blackheads?
you should use proactive its what me and my friends use it really worksWhat can i use for my blackheads?
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squeeze fresh lemon juice in a bowl.

get a cotton ball and apply the juice to the black heads.

clear up after cpl nights of doing this
Tips to remove blackheads

avon's clearskin blackhead clearing cleanser
An extractor, you can get them at ANY beauty supply store like Malys or Cosmoprof. Check your area for Beauty Supply Stores
ewwww, try washing your face with a mild soap and water and make sure you dry it well.
um try some proactive or clean ans clear it really good youl like it but reallt try to get some proactive

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