Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Scars From Blackheads?

Okay so i got carried away with popping this blackhead that really bugged me and now i really regret doing it, its now left a dark scar on my nose and ive got no idea on how to get rid of it! please tell me if theres any home remedies for this?!Scars From Blackheads?
Mix white toothpaste with a drop or two of rice or apple vinegar. It needs to be creamy and not liquidy.Scars From Blackheads?
There's some creme medication at CVS Pharmacy, others may carry it, that is supposed to erase fresh scar marks. Not in the first aid section, but a similar one. I can't say personally that I've used it or read about it's success, but since your's is fresh, you might give that a try.

- The Gremlin Guy - living with blackheads for years....
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