Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Can someone help with my skin problem ? ( Acne + Blackheads )?


So I have some slight skin problems ..

I have some acne on my forehead and nose.

I also have alot of blackheads on my nose.

I wash my face 2 times a day with a cleanser.

I do not want to get a facial [ expensive ]

%26amp; products I do not want to by b/c of reasons.

I tried alot of things ; Such as steaming and etc.

Any suggestions ?

xoxo.Carrie. :)Can someone help with my skin problem ? ( Acne + Blackheads )?
wash twice per day with an apricot scrub. This is great to gently exfoliate dead skin cells. Next apply benzoyle peroxide (clearasil, etc) to all of the problematic oily places. Leave overnight, wash with apricot scrub. Apply another layer of benzoyl peroxide before you apply any makeup so that the pores are filled with medicine and not junk. Keep repeatingCan someone help with my skin problem ? ( Acne + Blackheads )?
ive had that before if you drink soda's you get acne and black heads what you should do is try 2 stop drinking soda's you can drink 1 a week but if you can try and stop complictly
Get a cotton ball and put some peroxide on it then dab your pimples with it. Then get a new cotton ball and put more peroxide on it and dab it on your blackheads. This works pretty good for me. Try doing it once a day if you don't see results then start doing it twice a day.
Look into a program, zap that zit. After 4 days my pimples were gone and then the maintenance program keeps them gone!

Happy Holidays!
First off, I would evaluate a few things in your lifestyle before getting straight to cleaners and all that jazz. Acne is caused by a variety of things such as stress, caffeine, sugar, etc... As another person has already stated, if you drink a lot of sodas, reduce the amount you drink a day or week.

If that doesn't help, then follow the other users advice who've already posted. They've all got the right idea as far as hydrogen peroxide, steaming, and other cleaners such as Clearasil.

Also, just to reemphasize, it is very important to stay consistent with whatever treatment you pick. When you actually notice a black head or pimple on your face, take into account that is, naturally, a blocked pore. However, it has been a blocked pore for longer than you can see it. On average, a black head takes around two weeks to appear after it has already become a blocked pore. So, the black head you're looking at on your face right now actually started around two weeks ago.

Hope that info helps a bit. Best wishes on dealing with it!

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