Saturday, December 26, 2009

Red nose from pushing out blackheads.....?

how can i reduce the redness?? i really want my nose to be normal by tomarrow night...what should i do?Red nose from pushing out blackheads.....?
Redness usually doesn't last very long; it'll probably fade by tommorow night.

In the meantime, try to ice the area or you could even try Visine--the ingredient that gets the red out of your eyes will also get the red out of your skin.Red nose from pushing out blackheads.....?
For next time try using the pore strips they have. They hurt a little but if you get the right brand can do the trick. As for a quick fix of redness? Use foundation. Not the kind you rub in because that will only irritate it more, but loose powder foundation. They sell some decent cheap brands at WalMart and get a shade lighter than you think you are so it will conceal it better. If you only get one thing from this answer it should be DO NOT RUB YOUR NOSE! If you use the powder, do not RUB! Lightly dabbing it on will lessen redness from rubbing. Hope this helps.
Try an anti-inflammatory (like advil or aleve, not tylenol) and maybe put some ice on it. You could also put a little hydrocortisone cream on it too.
hydrocortizone $1 or $2 at wal mart...should do the trick
Put some eye mo in your reduces the redness as in your eyes!!! good luck!

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