Saturday, December 26, 2009


i have blackheads on my nose and i really want them gone...... theres not like five billion but there is more than ten and to be honest i like having beautiful skin but this is pissing me off....Please Help. Thanks!!!!!!HOW DO YOU GET RID OF BLACKHEADS FAST!!!!!?
highly recommend a blackhead extractor. These are small instruments with a wire loop on one end, and are commonly used in dermatology offices. They are easy and safe to use on yourself with a few instructions.

Here are a few places to shop for an extractor-the prices range widely.鈥?/a> (this one is very inexpensive)鈥?/a> (this one is doctor's office grade)


1) Boil water in a pot (just enough water to cause steam!)

2) Put your face over the steam with a towel over your head for 4-8 minutes. Any length of time is up to you. Generally, four minutes is enough to open up all of your pores. You can also try a hot washcloth, if you are traveling away from home.

3) Sterilize the blackhead remover by soaking it in 91% isopropyl alcohol for 1 minute before using.

4) Use the comedone extractor loop, place it over your blackhead or whitehead and press down gently while looking into the magnifying mirror (this will help you see particularly small blackheads with ease). The blackhead will pop out of the loop!

5) For whiteheads, gently press down, then roll the loop over the whitehead, this helps to remove the whitehead completely.

6) After you successfully removed any/all blackheads or whiteheads, apply a small amount of alcohol or clearasil to the affected areas to keep your pores free of bacteria.

Keep your extractor and hands clean and be gentle with your skin!

I've seen a blackhead remover thing that was metal and had a little hole in it. All you do is push on it. I'm not sure exactly sure what it's called. Maybe blackhead tweezer, or blackhead remover. My parents used to have one. Was very easy and fast to use.
First wash your face.

Second clean the nose with alcohol

Third place a small amount of duct tape on the surface.

make sure it sticks good and wait for 1 hour

Yank it off slowly and they will be gone.
You can get pore stripes i like to use them once a month all you have to do is wet the spot and put the stripe on until it gets hard and then u rip it off... :)
u have to either pick them or burn them off

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