Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Does bare mineral makeup hides every flaw, like blackheads,pimples, and all that crap?

or is it just a waste of money, how did it go for youDoes bare mineral makeup hides every flaw, like blackheads,pimples, and all that crap?
It does hide blemishes and discoloration. It will not remove a bump, but it will mask the pimple and over time I feel sure your skin would improve with regular use. I always get the ';bisque'; powder from them as an extra. It does a great job of concealing and then I use the foundation and blush and eyeshadows and of course the mineral veil.

If you follow the directions, it works. Moisturizing your skin before applying is an important part. I switched 3 years ago and never looked back.Does bare mineral makeup hides every flaw, like blackheads,pimples, and all that crap?
I don't have Bare Minerals, but I have Southern Magnolia Minerals (purchased on eBay.)

It is amazing how well it covers, and how good it looks.
it is the BEST as far as i am concerned. i have tried some of the mineral ones that the walmart type brands have now like loreal and mabayline etc. and they are nothing campared to Bare Minerals. it is so light and covers great! try getting the bisque as a first stop coverup. i have rosacea and people always compliment me on how great my skin looks. try it - it is a bit more expensive but lasts way longer than they say for me i have found! and if you dont like it you can return it and get your money back but i would never return mine.
I love it, actually. I think it is worth the money. It lasts quite a long time. It makes pimples much less noticeable. The best thing about it is that it evens out your skin color. The worst thing is that (for me personally) I need some additional concealer to cover the nasty circles under my eyes. Which reminds me, I ought to go to bed. ;)
I love it and it's not a waste of money. Bare Minerals is a loose make-up and it makes a big mess though. So I've started using Jane Iredale Pressed Mineral Make-Up and it's absoutely amazing. It covers every single flaw and it's light and airy. I won't every use another type of make-up ever again. Aloette also makes a pressed mineral foundation as well and it works as well. I promise once you use a mineral foundation you won't go back to cream or liquid foundations again. Jane Iredale is sold in salons for about $50 or you can get it on eBay for about $30. It lasts a loooooooooong time. Happy New Year.
it hides some of it but like it horrible if you have peely skin
It is worth the money. People are always complimenting me on my skin, and to me it's not that great. But I think my skin has also improved SINCE wearing it, has no oils in it. All you need is the foundation and the mineral viel (i recommend the tinted one). If you order from Sephora.com you can get shipping for free over I believe $50, worth it. Also QVC offers a larger version of the Mineral Viel. Good Luck!

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