Saturday, December 26, 2009

Blackheads on thighs?

I have these bumps on my thighs that look a lot like blackheads.

I believe that I've had them since I started puberty...

I just wanted to know what would be best in getting rid of them and has anyone else had blackheads on their thighs.

Thanks in advance

:-)Blackheads on thighs?
I have never had blackheads on my theighs but I do know a way to get rid of blackheads that is more effective that face cleaners that are supposed to help.... and all you need is elmer's glue (in the bottle, not stick)

all you have to do is paint the glue on your skin and let it dry and peel it off and the blackheads are gone!!!

I read about it in an email and tried it (I wasn't experimenting, I was actually working with kids and glue and thought what the heck?) and it does workBlackheads on thighs?
i have the same problem that you do. i find that some fade to a point..and i'm still trying to find a way to get rid of my scars.
there probably hair bumps
Do they feel ';deep'; like blackheads? Try to pop them!
um eww


i dont think ther blackheads, they may just be freckles uv never noticed. ask ur docter next time u visit him/her.
umm no . never they could just be moles

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