Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How to clear blackheads?

how to clear blackheadsHow to clear blackheads?
Do not ever squeeze a blackhead that is the dumbest thing you could do. Use a strong exfoliating scrub that opens up your pores it will slough off dead skin and open your clean out your blackheads. Biore pore strips work really good. Also you could put a hot clothe on your face and then use a exfoliant scrub. Try these products;

St.Ives apricot scrub :


Clean %26amp; Clear:



Good luck!How to clear blackheads?
the best way to do it is this

right after you get out of the shower

use a viva paper towel and gently squeeze the blackhead out

then put some alcohol where u squeezed them out

good luck
the best way is to cleanse your skin really good 2x twice a day for 2min and use and exfoliater 2-3times a week and always use a moisturizer. even though its tempting never ever pick because you'll just infect the surronding pores causing more blemishes
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Place a warm, wet flannel/washcloth over them and leave for 10 mins. Then use a scrub or exfoilient .

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