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I hav 10 billion blackheads i look like i have some terrible rash pls help me what can i use i hve tried all?

hi sexy chick

Blackeads Removal ?

A nasty beauty enemy, but here's a remedy:

Combine 1/4 cup boiling water with one teaspoon of Epsom salt and three drops of iodine.

Let mixture cool until it's comfortable to the touch.

Saturate a cotton ball with this mixture and dab on blackheads.

This will allow them to loosen so they can be easily squeezed with a gauze pad.


Dont touch your face.

Watch your diet.

drink plenty of water.

Sleep at least 7 hours a day.

Good luck 2 u and goodbye 2 ur blackheadsI hav 10 billion blackheads i look like i have some terrible rash pls help me what can i use i hve tried all?
BUt what if you dont have iodine Report Abuse
I hav 10 billion blackheads i look like i have some terrible rash pls help me what can i use i hve tried all?
i used to have the same problem. i boiled water, put it in a bowl and then steamed my face for maybe 10-15 min. it kinda hurts your nose and throat but it will open all the pores up. You need to squeeze the heck out of em and then wash it really well with a facial scrub. I use Noxzema Blackhead scrub. Really cheap… you can buy it almost anywhere. All ya gotta do then is use an ice cube to close all the pores again.

For something a little quicker try using the biorre pore strips.
Sounds like a crappy answer but really just keep washing. The grease which is naturally secreted attracts and traps dirt which makes the head look black. You don't need to buy expensive products; at a certain stage (ie where you are at right now) the secretions increase for a while; this may be hormone -related, I don't know. So you just got to stay with it and try to wash regular. The good news is A) This too will pass and B) No way are you alone. Good Luck.
Squeeze your black heads really hard to a crazy explosion happens.... do it. it will be fun
www.removing-blackheads-guide.com -try here.
Whats your diet like, it can be a sign of too much greasy food.

Get some multivitamins.

Just use soap and water, no creams and stuff they could cause the problem.
neutrogena products-blackhead cleaning cloths
Go see a local esthetician or dermatologist. They can give you some glycolic cleanser with salicylic acid in it.

They can also use a facial vaccuum to suck out the clogged pores.

I'm guessing you need to drink a lot more water than you do. Eliminate soda for 2 weeks, even diet, and see what happens when you just drink water. (6-8 cups a day)
I used to be you. The thing that worked, believe it or not, was a product called Beautiful skin. In two weeks, they were all gone. ALL Gone. They're actually having a special promotion for a free trial. You should give it a try. It worked for me, so it might even work for you.

try using a facial sauna, which opens the pores, and warm damp face cloth to close the pores. Also use cleanser, toner, light moisturiser.

Neutragena face wash is really good, u have the option of keeping it on for a few minutes or you can use as a face wash. Excellent product
Dont touch em...Just get some dial antibacterial liquid soap...wash em good with hot water , then use cold water

then put aloe vera gel on face and blackheads are history.
DO NOT SQUEEZE your blackheads! it'll just make ur pores BIGGER and BIGGER. have u tired the biore ultra nose stripes? it's pretty good, i can see a lot of blackheads everytime when I peel it off, and trust me, I have A LOT too. biore's regular nose stripes doesn't do ANYTHING compare with the ultra kind. Also, you can try to put egg whites on ur nose, soak thin cotton pads into egg whites, and put it on ur nose, and wait until it dries. People uses that to get rid of blackheads as well. Also a lot of japanese products are really effective. Go on ebay, and look up for blackheads under skin care or something, and all those products will show up, products/brand from other countries other than USA.
I run into that issue because my husband is a mechanic and basically if he touches me any dirt on him sucks into my lovely pores. I find a good way to get rid of them is to start with a warm shower it opens the pores. While in the shower after slightly wetting my face I wipe it off with a dry towel that I hang over the top of the shower. Then to wash my face I use biore warming facial scrub, which also opens the pores and cleans them out. For stubborn ones I use the biore pore strips.
Omg! you actually had time to count them all?

Sorry couldn't resist.................

Try lots of washing with a neutral soap....neutrogena is good.

You need to reduce the oil so use an oil free moisturiser as well

Good luck!!!
Go get a facial - it's the safest way to get rid of them.

Or try Biore Pore Strips, scrub and a steam bath.
This website will change your life of blackheads
pro-active works a lot I've tried it and it cleared up pretty much my whole face, but it might not work for all faces, you can give it a try

hope i can help!!
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Get your liver and gut cleansed, because acne fighting starts within. See a doctor about your condition.

But if you need a home remedy, try this mask: Dissolve one tablespoon of unflavored gelatin in two tablespoons of milk over low heat. Then let it cool for a few minutes. Lay it on thick down the central strip of the face – i.e. chin, upper lip, nose, and forehead. Let it dry for 20 to 30 minutes. Then peel off. Rinse face to loosen any leftovers, and apply a very light antiseptic cream, or aloe-vera. NB: Because gelatin solidifies to a rubber-like consistency, PLEASE KEEP IT OUT OF YOUR HAIRLINE AND EYEBROWS. If necessary, warm water will loosen most of the leftovers which get caught in the odd strand, but please don’t pull at any “stuck bits” or you could tear something out.
analyze ur diet try 2 eat healthy

buy a steamer use it at least twice a week.

buy some good basic products for moisturizing and scrubs
  • cleansing diet
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