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Blackheads on nose--cat litter??

I heard on a tv show that putting unscented cat litter and water to create a paste will help remove the blackheads and make your pores look smaller on your nose. Does this actually work? Should I try it?Blackheads on nose--cat litter??

I liked the St ives apricot its very natural, smells good and gives a deep clean, if your not familiar with an expholiator be aware that some dont find it a pleasent experience(it doesnt hurt) (you can make a similar mixture at home with oatmeal...

1 Cup Rose Petals

1 Cup Lavender Flowers

1 Cup Whole Oatmeal

1/2 Cup Chopped Almonds


Coffee Grinder, Food Processor or Blender

1. Grind together all the ingredients until the texture is quite fine. Store in an air tight container.

2. To use the scrub, rub a handful gently onto damp skin in small, circular motions. Allow it to dry on the skin for a minute or so, then rinse off.)

try clean and clear blackhead scrub 3 times a week, but dont over do it.

havent tried proactive but have heared mixed reviews;

different things work on different peoples skin, you could try tea tree oil or lavender oil to calm the skin and your pimples,

wash your face twice daily, keep your fringe and hair off your face as much as possible.

for me different products work at different times, i find witch hazel has generally been the best鈥?/a> i use the foaming wash three times a day and the expholiating gel wash about three times a week (using it too often will make your skin more greay and prone to spots) and the witch stick is perfect for quick treatments to calm blemishes, i like to use this before i go to bed and leave it on over night.

as for scars, i dont get any deep scaring with witch! but i do like to use鈥?/a> no7 from boots, if you buy it at the right time you can save a lot of money (they have 3 for 2 atm!) and that covers any light scars and blemishes and it doesnt effect my skin, even if i forget to take it off at night!

i find the best was to prevent scars is to just avoid temptation to pop or touch the pimples, if you are tempted, try washing your face. i find it helps stop the urge!

*if a product burns your face STOP USING IT IMMEDIATLY!!!!

*toothpaste does NOT work, it only burns and dries out the skin*Blackheads on nose--cat litter??
Holy crap! Seriously? I've never heard that before...I wouldn't do it though.

Here鈥檚 what I use and I鈥檝e been quite fortunate with my skin:

Get some exfoliating cleanser. I use stuff called SNAP. It's in the vitamin section at Wal-Mart and it's in a big white tube with teal lettering, and has Tea-Tree extract in it. Use this every second or third day. Wet your face, put it on and scrub gently for a minute or so. Let it sit for just a little bit, and use a warm washcloth to wash it off. Rinse your face after to make sure you got all the little bits of sand off. DON'T GET IT IN YOUR EYES! It scratches something fierce...

Get some cleanser. I use Cetaphil, and Wal-Mart has the Equate version, which is the exact same thing, but maybe half the price. Use a soft washcloth to apply this cleanser. Again, wash for a minute or so. Use this everyday. If you can, use it morning and evening. But, at least once. If you don't have the time for two cleansings a day, at least wash your face with plain warm water on a washcloth.

Get a good oil-free moisturizer. Neutrogena Moisture Oil-Free for sensitive skin is really nice. Can't really go wrong with Oil of Olay, either... Put this on after you've cleansed and patted dry your face. Use it twice a day, as well. Make sure that any moisturizer you use is 100% oil-free, won't clog pores, and hypoallergenic. The package will have all this on it somewhere.

Good Luck!

*Get it all at Wal-Mart, much cheaper!*
There is a product out there, they're strips that you put on your nose, wait 10 minutes and pull off, they do a very good job at getting the little devils out. They're sold at most if not all drugstores in the aisle with the facewashes and that sort of thing. Should give that a try.. much less gross soundind than cat litter.
Yeah I read that somewhere also

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