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HELP My dog has terrible blackheads!!!?

My puppy Hairless chinese crested have many ugly blackheads and pimples My mother keeps picking them what should I do? It soo disgustingHELP My dog has terrible blackheads!!!?
how old is the puppy? He may be going thru his ';teenage acne'; stage.

What are you currently using on him as far as skin care? What lotions, shampoos, soaps? Etc. How often are you bathing?

What is he currently eating?

Is he from a rescue or breeder? What lines is he?

Need more info here to help rule out problems!

Tell your mom to STOP PICKING! She will only cause acne scars by doing that!

5 months sounds about right for the ';teenage acne';

what are you using on her? What kind of shampoos and lotions? Certain lotions clog pores.. you will want something non-comedogenic (wont clog pores).. Curel ultra healting, Olay quench, and Eucerine all work well. I order emu oil lotion for mine on ebay. There is a lady who sells Chinese Crested skin care stuff..

Try exfoliting the skin.. you can do this by using a salt or sugar scrub. You can make your own sugar scrub at home with a 50/50 mix of sugar and olive oil.

some people use ';listerhazel'; a 50/50 mix of witch hazel and original listerine (the ycuky brown kind.. the flavored ones will make the skin sticky) I havent noticed any difference using it tho.

You can use a mild facial cleanser, such as noxema or johnsons to help.

I wouldnt reccommend using harsh things like oxy pads.. they will get out the acne, but then they dry out the skin, which irritates it, and causes more acne.

I have used mint julep masks, and facial peels. These are drying on the skin tho (not as bad as oxy pads tho) I only use these when Fred's skin is not dry, but starting to break out.

I rotate shampoos with mine depending on his skin condition at the time.. how broke out he is, and how dry his skin is. It can take some trial and error to figure what works best.

There are special shampoos that do help with acne.. I will find names. Some of them are VERY drying on the skin tho, and should be used once in a while.

What are you feeding him? Diet can have a HUGE impact on skin conditions.

What breeder is he from? Certain bloodlines tend to have better skin than others.

Sometimes ';less is more'; it may be best just to wash him with a mild cleanser, keep his skin hydrated, and wait out the acne... he's going thru his ';teenage stage'; at the moment.

Pedigree is crap food. There is corn in it and other allergens.. and just poor quality ingredients. Some Cresteds tend to have food allergies, and it can show thru their skin. Mine breaks out more when he eats food that contains corn. That may be a source of your problems. Here's some brands I highly reccommend.



Chicken Soup


California Natural




Solid Gold

Eagle Pack


Timberwolf Organics

Nutro Ultra

Newman's Owne

Natural Balance

Drs Foster and Smith

You can also try a benzoil peroxide shampoo, which you can get from your vet. This is drying on the skin, so do not use it during every bath. I know there are a few other shampoos I've seen reccommended, and Im looking for them.HELP My dog has terrible blackheads!!!?
Bathe the dog in a mild soap and dry thoroughly, then use witch hazel on the body as an astringent. Witch Hazel is used in Proactiv Solution to get rid of pimples and black heads. It is the primary ingredient in the stuff they sell on TV. I used to work selling Proactiv, so I know what the product is made of and what it does.

Get a bottle of Witch Hazel and keep it around for your dog and you. Also good for hemorrhoids, bee stings, sun burn, and cuts, rug burns and any allergic itches.鈥?/a>

great crestie forum

firstly change his food, pedigree is icky, switch to something with NO CORN and meat (not meat byproduct) as the first ingredient

my crestie LOVES merrick grammies pot pie

after that that forum should eb abel to give you hints on how to deal with the pimples...

and to everyone else...its common in this breed!
I've never heard of dogs getting blackheads, but I'm not sure that picking them is the answer. I'm kind of surprised your dog will tolerate it, actually. Maybe it's a good idea to take the dog to the vet, so you can check that it's not some other kind of rash.
First of all don't pick at them...that will probably make them worse. I would take a trip to vet to see what kind of cleaning regimen might work for your pet. Especially with a hairless breed your not going to want anything too harsh. I would stay away from any dog shampoo by Hartz...which can be rather harsh. If you do give your pet a bath I would try maybe some gentle baby shampoo. There may be some other options a vet or a groomer could offer that may help.

Good luck
LOLZ poor dog dont let your mom pick at them doesnt help train it to attack her if she tries to
First of all, tell your mother to quit picking them!!! If you pick them it causes them to start itching and then your dog will rub on things to get rid of the itch and in the process of rubbing on things he/she will re-open the infected blackheads and eventually you will start noticing that your puppy stinks...horribly. This smell is caused by the infection in the blackheads...picking them only makes this worse.

Next time you go to the vet tell him/her about this and I am sure there is a pill or cream that can be prescribed.
Wash him in blackhead remover or proactive lol something like that ---
Dogs can get black heads!?!?!?!
If they are indeed blackheads and/or pimples, try changing his diet. But first, take him to the vet to make sure its not something else.
Please do not use anything over the counter used for acne and humans. This is not acne. It actually sounds like ';Comedo Syndrome.'; You would need your Vet to properly diagnose it. No people anything is to ever go on your pet. Our PH is different than a canines PH. There are several good medicated baths that you can use - preferably an oatmeal or aloe medicated bath. No more picking either. It will only irritate the skin worse. The best thing to do is to control it.
Eww, get a dog with fur next time...
I am not familiar with that breed but blackheads are usually common around the rear area for some dogs but mostly cats. I am hoping she isn't picking any in that area???

Don't let your Mother pick at them, she could rupture blood vessels and cause bruising.

If she seems obsessed, have her clean them with an alcohol wipe.

Bathe your dog regularly.

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