Saturday, December 26, 2009

Blackheads ah!!?

Can anyone recommend me what to do to get rid of them because they are driving me crazy. Can anyone recommend me anything like home remedies that work or products that are not too expensive and actually work. Thanks bye!!Blackheads ah!!?
Cleanse the face thoroughly with a good cleanser meant for oily skin. Preferrably use a salicylic acid cleanser.

Apply an astringent like witch hazel. It helps reduce oiliness. If its a bit harsh mix a bit of rose water in it.

Apply a good quality medicated cream or gel containing resorcinol, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. This helps is soaking the oil and helps in peeling away the blackheads. You can get creams or gels of Benzoyl Peroxide treating blackheads If benzoyl peroxide leaves your skin dry, apply an oil-free moisturizer after 10 mins of applying benzoyl peroxide.

Effective Tips to get rid of blackheads

鈥xfoliate the blackhead prone area 3-4 times a week using facial exfoliators and scrubs.

鈥se creams containing AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Fruit acids) like glyco-creams that will clear away any dead skin cells and ';expose'; the blackhead. Use the AHA's every 3 days or so.

鈥void washing the face with soaps more than twice a day. Instead wash your face often with plain water splashes.

鈥ften use a mask with a clay base.

If blackheads look ready to pop out, you could try removing them gently by using a blackhead extractor. Also, Pore cleanser strips (blackhead extractor) for removal of blackheads are highly recommended for the treatment/removal of blackheads. Using them once per week will leave your pores cleaner and smaller.

Steam your face to soften both the skin and the material blocking the pores.

=)Blackheads ah!!?
Apparently if you put tape on the area affected (duct tape I think, maybe scotch) and leave it on there for a few hours it'll clear them up. But I hate blackheads 2, especially that weird toothpasty stuff that comes out of them!! YuK!!!
check out the witch stuff. made with witch hazel and should clear em up.
Get a bucket/large bowl and fill it with steaming water from the kettle. Place a towel over your head and lean over the hot water, so the steam gets to your pores. Try not to let any steam escape. After this, gently squeeze any blackheads out, they should pop forward but don't force them. Then clean your face thoroughly with witch hazel solution, you should be able to get something like this reasonably cheaply at any Boots or Superdrug store. Make sure you take your makeup off properly at night, and drink eight pints of water a day. And if you sweat, clean your skin straightaway as it is sweat and dirt that get stuck in your pores, which causes the blackhead to form.

I love getting blackheads as squeezing them is a great pastime when your bored! Thankfully I don't get them that often cos I follow the above regime religiously.
My mum gave my this kinda wash cloth

Soak it in water and put it in the microwave for about 45 seconds, push it on the areas where you have the blackheads. Do that morning and night for a month and they will all be gone. Trust me. Its works :D
dont worry you will grow out of it. Its your age, us teenagers have all been there, enjoy life your only young
Cleanse your face with unboiled milk, gently rub a coarse cloth dipped in milk to remove the blackheads. Steam your face with herbs like lavender, lemon peel and mint leaves added to the water and let the skin soak up its goodness. Check out for more useful tips to control blackheads.

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