Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stubborn blackheads? Nothing works?

I've tried literally everything to try and treat some stubborn blackheads on my nose. Proactiv, scrubs, washes, gels, pads, everything. What else can I try?? Anyone have any advice?Stubborn blackheads? Nothing works?
Have you tried the Biore nose strips?

You wet them, then put it on your nose, wait 10-15 till it dries hard. Then you rip it off (doesn't hurt). You can get them at walgreens or walmart

It worked on my mom really well. She had them real bad. They were really big, black heads. And now they're goneStubborn blackheads? Nothing works?
Don't try everything at the same time. Its like using proactive and clean and clear. That makes your skin horrible if you use both. Stick to one. I don't have many blackheads, I just wash my face daily with an acne wash and sometimes use the strips that pull the blackheads and pimples, their like pads for your skin mainly. Maybe you can try the wave? Its like a foaming cleanser.
okay i had like this same problem!!!i tried like everything!i saw the ad about stridex wipes and heard that they were good so i tried them and they worked!!!there only 4 bucxks at wal mart and your case sounds a bit extreme so get the njew stridex for really bad acne and black heads!i dont know if you have acne but if you do it works for that to!!!just try it!!!!hope it helps and have a good day!!bye! : )
unfortunately they are a constant annoynce for one reason. because they are black. like everything else in life its another black thing holding society back. just like jelly beans...nobody likes the black ones.
I wish i could give you a really good answer, but all i can tell you is i have the same problem. what i do is swim and i find the ?chlorine? in the water of the pool helps some.
Biore nose wet them, stick them on, let it dry and hurts a little, but will pull most of those suckers right out.
Have you tried the Biori Nose strips? They really work.

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