Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Do Blackheads just go away?

I am 14, I have always have had this blackhead on my nose. Say I don't do anything until I am like 19 or 20 years old will it still go away. Plus do the creams to remove them actually work? What actually does the cream do and go they just disappear?

Please correct me if I messed anything up. I have absolutely no knowledge of them.Do Blackheads just go away?
nope, you have to remove them yourself. I don't recommend squeezing them because it can cause a large zit. They sell small tools with a hole on either side to press and apply pressure around the blackhead to force it up out of the skin. You can also take a pen, take out the ink filament and put the blackhead inside of the hole. Apply pressure and it will come out. Wash your face before and after then follow with an astringent.Do Blackheads just go away?
they don't go away easily, and often get large and cause permanent stretching to the pore. acne medications with salicylic acid are the best treatment. the best scrub is plain baking soda mixed with a little water. it also disolves the oils that cause blackheads.
Well yes the black heads will eventually go away, but it would help to wash your face and exfoliate. Some creams work and others dont; it all depends on your skin type and facial problem. Most creams clean the face and remove oil and grease.
i have like 10 blackheads and im dying for a pore strip,i hear they work wonders!

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