Saturday, December 26, 2009

Blackheads on ur nose! or wherever?

why do people get them in the 1st place!??!?! and i got a facial twice already and i still have blackheads on my nose, how u get rid of them????Blackheads on ur nose! or wherever?
diligent cleansing of your nose. it's just a prime spot for blackheads, so you'll have to either wash w/ soap or cleanser 2-3-4 times a day or wipe with a wet one, use astringent or simply blot the oil away is blotting paper or rough napkins (like the brown kind so you can see the amount of oil %26amp; when it lessens.

Just train yourself to do it many many times a day. If you do not clean it away the oil becomes plugged creating the blackheads.

Not everyone can afford $20-40 a month for ProActive %26amp; if all you have is blackheads, just keeping the area oil-free will solve the problem.Blackheads on ur nose! or wherever?
when you over wash your skin it makes it worse!!!!! don't listen to that person. buy proactive it works miracles!

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