Saturday, December 26, 2009

Blackheads.. foaming pads or nose strips??

which one do you prefer to use for removal of blackheads? and why?

biore nose strips

rite aid nose strips


foaming pads such as neutrogenaBlackheads.. foaming pads or nose strips??
nose strips work really really well [[try biore']] they pull the blackheads right out. the only thing is that they may hurt a tad and ur eyes may get watery, but thats just the nerves responding to the nose strip being pulled off. when you finish using the nose strip, make sure you take an ice cube and rub all over your face [[yea it may b a little cold, but it will minimize your pores so icky stuff doesnt get in there n make it worse]]Blackheads.. foaming pads or nose strips??
yeah. as long as it's cold. lol.

just remember that heat opens up your pores[[like when you sweat]] and cold closes them Report Abuse

foaming pads. The nose strips do take out the blackheads but they leave the pore open for MORE dirt and oil to get trapped there. eek!
foaming pads because i feel the noes strips just cover your black head and don't do anything
I have found that biore nose strips worked great for my blackheads.
Use Clean and Clear deep cleanser.
biore nose strips cuz i use them and they get all the blackheads and the white puss out of your nose and dirt or any other substance in your skin. and it kinda looks weird when you take it off so kinda cool and youll be amazed.= ]

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