Saturday, December 26, 2009 this a good idea?

okay. so i was thinking about steaming my face, then putting on some clearasil ultra, and then icing it to close the pores

good or bad?? if its the wrong order or better ideas..tell me cause i havent decided yet..thnx..i jsut wanna get rid of my this a good idea?
if u want to get rid of blackheads, use st. ives apricot scrub. it works wonderfully and feels relaxing. it cost about $3 and you can find it at any target. trust me on this a good idea?
use the neutrogena blackhead eliminating 2-in-1 foaming pads. they really have worked for me. they're two sided. one is rough and you use it first to exfoliate. the other is smooth and you use it to like clean the dirt and oil and stuff. then you wash it off.

i can tell a big difference though.
those are good things to do: but try white ordinary sugar and massage it into your face. Leave on for a few minutes.Then rinse your face with cool water, then steam if you must. Do this several times a week and your face will clear up, it also removes the dead skin cells. Sugar is healing.
I'd get a nice facial scrub and scrub where they are ...

steaming my face always gets it all gross feeling

then I put on this cream (that's like clearasil ultra)

That works for me... but you might want to ask a doctor to get what is best for your skin.
i would steam my face to open the pores then use a blackhead stip

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