Saturday, December 26, 2009

Do steamers get rid of blackheads?

electronic facial sauna (facial steamer) + blackheads=??? clear skin???Do steamers get rid of blackheads?
I think the steamers only bring out the blackheads and make them more obvious. But the good thing is that you can use the pore cleansing strips. You put it on, then pull it off. No more blackheads. I think the steamer does help bring them out more though. Sometimes the blackheads can be so deep that they won't come out with the steam or the strips. I hope it is not this way for you. My cousin has them so bad that I just wanna pop them when I see her. I can't stand that she is so ok with them on her face. She doesn't eat right and am pretty sure that is why she has so many problems with her skin. She has on the other hand used other products on her face and she only got worse. She was told to use a hot towel but I think the towel cools off too fast. The steam opens the pores and allows the blackheads to be accessed and removed easier. If you do use the steam, use the strips also and then rinse with cool water. Cold water closes the pores and helps them to appear smaller. It will be harder for the blackheads to form if you do this often. You really shouldn't pop them because it causes scarring, but sometimes that is the only way to remove the blackheads. I was watching the Doctors on tv and this woman had extreme blackheads and acne on her back and shoulders. The doctor that treated her used a tool to scrape the blackhead out and he used a medicated solution on her back and it helped to completely remove and prevent the blackheads from coming back.Do steamers get rid of blackheads?
There is some kind of adhesive tape for blackheads, maybe you should try that out.. Steam doesn't seem to work, it just makes it easier to push em out

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