Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Home Remedies for BLACKHEADS?

I have a LOT of blackheads on my nose %26amp; like 2 on my chin. I hate them to the fullest %26amp; I've been trying the toothpaste thing but it isnt working. Any other remedies i can use that can be made out of basic items? I dont have a lot of money to spend on the clean %26amp; clear stuff =D SO any help would be appreciated =DHome Remedies for BLACKHEADS?
alright, well first off toothpaste is used mostly on white heads, because those need to be dried out. Black heads are a whole different matter, they are deeper in the skin, and can be hard to get out.

Start with taking a warm shower, and run the warm water over your face. This will open up the pours and give you a better chance of getting to those blackheads. From there, you can either get a black head squeezer (or any hard flat object, like a bobby pin?) and run it over the area with the black heads. If you apply the correct amount of pressure, the black head should come out!!

good luck!

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