Saturday, December 26, 2009

Blackheads and pimples.?!?

..well,i really do have many blackheads and pimples..

..would anybody there give me some advise in home remedies in blackheads and pimples??Blackheads and pimples.?!?
make sure you dont stress about it-that will make it worse.

Try using Mary Kay Velocity face wash and moisturizer. then use Mary Kay acne treatment. use biore pore strips once/twice a week. try to exfoliate.Blackheads and pimples.?!?
Well.. I recently have not had a lot of acne. I have been through a lot of different acne products and I think I have finally come up with a solution that really works for me. I wash my face with Dove for Sensitive Skin(its a bar of soap) to get all my makeup off. Then I use the Proactive face wash. I use the Proactive Refining mask to get rid of the ';Extreme'; pimples. I pop the pimple and put the cream on and leave it on over night. I keep putting it on over night until it goes away which is about 3 days. If my face is dry then I use a Nutrogena 8-hour mostruizer. I really recommend this system. Good Luck
you should get some ice and put it on your pimples it would reduce the redness and the swelling.Also for your black heads you could try some black headeliminiting cream from netrogina my mom uses it all the time she say its effective.
Try Apricot Scrub from St. Ives and The Wave by Neutrogena. If your acne is really terrible go to the dermatologist and get specially medicated face washes, masks, or other treatments.
you should get biore nose strips for your blackheads, those work soooo well! and for pimples, just clean your face regularly, I use neutrogena.
Well if you want to get rid of them fast use: Clean %26amp; Clear: Blackhead facial clenser everytime you shower or bathe. Your blackheads will be gone in like 4 days.

Hope it works out for you.
if you have so much taht it is damaging ur skin, go on a medicine. Accutane works PERFECTLY
first stop touching your face with your hands... and when u sleep try to make sure your hair wont go to your face...
try a good face wash and try to watch the amount of carbs and sugar you eat

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