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U will get 10 points if u answer this....!!what is this blackheads,whiteheads??

actually this question may sound something weird,but pls try to answer can we make out that we have black heads,white heads i cant differentiate it..pls do explain..on my nose i have small black spots which never dissapear is it black heads?? how to get rid of these black heads and white heads..any home made remedy will b good..if there;s any cream or lotion which helps to get rid of it, then pls do say it only when u ppl have tried it and got good results...

thanx..U will get 10 points if u answer this....!!what is this blackheads,whiteheads??
Blackheads, whiteheads, and zits are all forms of acne. Blackheads are little black dots on your face. You can also get blackheads in your ears. Whiteheads are found in pimples (or zits). They are little white dots on your zits. You can pop your pimples to get the whiteheads out, or you can use a facial cream to get rid of acne. Some great ones are from Proactive and Clean and Clear. I used Proactive for only a week and already most of the acne on my face is all gone. My sister used Clean and Clear and got great results in 2 weeks. Here are the links to order them online:鈥?/a>

Hope I helped and good luck! Your face will be acne-free in no time! :)U will get 10 points if u answer this....!!what is this blackheads,whiteheads??
Blackheads and whiteheads are just clogged pores. You've already noticed them on your nose . It's a common problem especially if you have an oily skin.

The only way to do it is to squeeze them out which is a bit painful. Moisten a facecloth with hot water and hold it over your nose to open the pores then squeeze on either side of each blackhead. use a magnifying mirror.

On the other hand there are nose strips available from Nivea.

You wet you nose place the strip and leave it on for ten minutes or until you feel it harden. Then peel off and most are gone. I said most because a few stubborn ones will be left which you will have to take care of like I mentioned before.

Biore also have excellent strips and a questionnaire on thei website can help you identify your skin problems better. Go to
blackheads and whiteheads are clogged ^ pores and can be cured with nutregia or how ever you spell it
Yes those little black dots are called black heads. Its very hard to get rid of these but Accutane unlike anything else worked great for me and I never got them again.
so first off you must know that blackheads and whiteheads are the exact same thing except that the oils in whiteheads are not oxidized. When the oils and dirt in your pores are oxidized, they turn black... oh..and yes you seem to have blackheads.

Since both of these blemishes are hard to get rid of...many people get facials in order to make them go away, but how many of us can afford monthly or biweekly facials?!!! So as an alternative, you can use a daily scrub to help you get rid of them. What I use is St. Ives. It is really good too!! Usually I just take my scrub and take a gentle electric toothbrush to give myself an at home microdermabrastion. Then I follow up with a toner and moisturizer!!

Another trick would be to use egg white. Egg white are a natural skin lightener and also refines pores. Just beat one egg white and apply in to your face. Let sit for 15 minutes and then wash. You should feel tightening, because it's like a mini face lift. Anyways...

the black heads causes your follicle(skin) a typical black colour. the whiteheads has a microscopic opening in the skin and because of this air is not able to pass thru which therefore causes the pimple to remain white. so u definitely have a blackhead on your nose. i normally cleanse my face with clean and clear daily facial scrub and sometimes use warm water to wash my face don not use soaps it makes it worse. so for the ones u have not just wash ur face daily with the facial scrub and use clean and clear deep cleaning astringent. you will see results within days. trust me it works.
black heads are pores that get filled up and cloged with dead skin and dirt (ew) i get them all the time and i think you have them too on your nose. try using apricot scrub made by st. ives. white heads are like black heads...exept they're more like pimples. i dont know how to get rid of them...but when you try to pop really hurts!!!

hope that helps!
whiteheads are made by excess sebum in your pores they look like white oil spots on your face hence the name ';whiteheads';. Blackheads are the same except the sebum has been sitting there and oxidized and therefore turning it black. The black spots you see in your nose are probably blackheads. Use a blackhead removing scrub like the one from clean and clear, follow with an astrigent and put some acne medicine like oxy
black heads are little black bildups, adn white heads are white.

ive been using stridex pads and my skin cleared up in bout a week.
clean and clear persa gel everyday put on the area it will make pores disapear and get rid of whiteheads and blackheads...they are both just infections of the pore
those would be black heads.

white head for aboce the skin and are white.

black heads are more like oil trapped below the skin.

there is some black head scrubs out there by neutrogena.

mostly you just have to exfoliate and make sure you always wash your face so that you dont get more oil trapped in your skin.

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