Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Do you extract your blackheads?

yes! i know its bad for me though. but its so fun and addictive!Do you extract your blackheads?

For me the easiest and most effective way to remove black heads without damage to your skin is to ex foliate them. Use a hot compress and lay it on your face. The heat will draw out any dirt. Scruv your face with a moisturizing scrub.

Extracting black heads with an eraser or squeezing them gives you large pores, and can scar your face.

Good luck! Hope this Helped.

TODo you extract your blackheads?
Ugh, no. I never do that. Like Tiffany said, i just used a hot compress and then use a good face scrub and there gone. Easy as that. You don't need to squeeze those nasty little dirt filled pores out of your skin. Plus it makes even bigger pores which allows more dirt to come in.
No, if you extract them, that'll spread bacteria and unwanted dirt. I would recommend that you go to a pharmacy and buy Pore Strips. My favorite brand of strips are Biore.
No it makes your pores really big ewww.

And i just use face scrubs to get rid of them.

if it's a crisis then i'll extract them but it's rare if i do that.
Oh yes, there's nothing more satisfying then that feeling of that little demon being pushed out toothpaste style
i usee a blackhead exfoliator

its betterrr. :)
yeah..its addicting.. but i need to stop because its leaving big big pores :(
yes i have to say it's very addicting
yeah its addicting
i don't get blackheads so no...

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