Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A way to get rid of pimples/ blackheads? ?

Does anyone know of a fast and easy way to get rid of pimples, zits, blackheads, etc??? Like a certain brand or home way to get rid of them?? I have tried some products but they don't seem to be working... And although they aren't all over my face they are really annoying...A way to get rid of pimples/ blackheads? ?
in my experience the best way to get rid of a pimple is to

1. if its got a head on it, try to pop it gently then wash thoroughly and put a non greasy salicylic acid on it to keep it dry and clean.

2. if its not ready to pop (no head visible), keep it clean all of the time!! if you must get rid of it, use toothpaste to dry it out and see if this speeds up the process so that you can pop it.A way to get rid of pimples/ blackheads? ?
toothpaste, the white kind., garlic juice but its smelly..

..honey and lemon juice supposed to be realllly good...

.um, calamine lotion could help bring it to a head and dry it up..

...any sort of sulfur treatment,,

,,apparently this thing called accutane is supposed to work,

,,oh yeah um cleansers with salicylic acid (maybe thats how you speel it).

..use benzolyl peroxide also...dries the pimple out...dont use a high concentration one if you have dry skin tho..thats not might casue reddening but thats okay i guess

drink lots of water and fruits...exfoliate twice a aweek...and dont forget to moisturize, even if you're oily skinned..remember sunscreen..
toothpaste,it dries and brings it up and makes it easy to remove it.

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