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Best way to remove blackheads?

what is a good way to remove blackheads? i have tried cleansers and creams, but they dont work. is there a patch that i could put on and then take off adn the blackhead will coem with it? or should i use the clean and clear blackhead eraser?? thanksBest way to remove blackheads?
If drug store products don't work, and if your blackheads are really bothering you, I'd recommendseeing the dermatologist. It's not that expensive if your treatment is only for blackheads. If dermatology is out of the question, I would rat leastnd just trying new products until you find something that is decent for them.Best way to remove blackheads?
Maximum oil comes on the T-Zone of the skin so we usually get black heads on the nose and chin. One who strongly faces the open pores problem get them filled with dirt if not cleaned regularly so they get blackheads even on their back, which look extremely ugly. In medical language a very small black lump clogs the pores of the skin by blocking the skin cells with oil.

Black heads look ugly on the skin and if they set deep in the skin it becomes very difficult to remove them. They look like as if dirt is filled into the pores of the skin but they are much deeper. Squeezing is not the right way to remove the black heads it can make them worse and can give you infection and scars. The problem is not just external you need to keep the skin toxins free by drinking lots of water to prevent the skin from getting black heads and cutting away your tea or coffee intake.
Use a cleaning process that uses ';salicylic acid'; it will help remove the sebum that causes the black heads. If you use a retinoid it will help keep them from coming back.

It usually takes about three weeks before you will start to see real results with any skin cleaning system, so stick to it for a month before you decide it's not working for you.

After what seemed a lifetime of adult acne, I finally found Zap it! system through Melaleuca (Unfortunately, you have to be a Melaleuca member or know someone who is in order to get it.) and that works for me.

If you don't have access to Melaleuca's system, find one as I said that uses salicylic acid and retinoids is best.

If you have damaged skin because of LARGE blackheads you can get a series of skin peels to eliminate those.

In addition to daily face cleaning get a deep pore facial once a month; it's good for your spirit too.

Good luck.
usually they need to be squeezed out. i've never had luck with those strip things. hold a hot cloth on the area to soften and so you dont have to squeeze hard, get a powerful magnifying mirror- 10x, don't use fingernails- either the sides of fingers or knuckles- do it kinda hard so you get it first time. wipe away with tissue. use antibacterial toner after. salycilic acid works well to prevent them from coming back.

do it at night.
I like using those Clearasil strips. You wet them then put them on your nose. When they harden, you peel them off and you can look at the underside of the strip and see all the ones you have pulled out.

Hope this helps, Its worth a try. Good-luck
the clean and clear blackhead eraser is really good for me but for some people it does absolutely nothing. Once u've tried a good scrub i would recommend using the Biore pore perfect cleansing strip it really helps as well.
well the way i remove mine is i just squeeze it the wipe it with a soft rag and soap. that works for me.
duct tape

heat (lighter or warm water to open the pours n then squeeze them out)

or facial scrub (with beads/sand grains)
the biore strips work the best for me ive tried other brands but im still in search of thee BEST way to get rid of them. The strips only get a few out.
get a facial from a dermatologist
There was a commercial for a clean and clear blackhead eraser I bet u could get it on ebay
Squeeze them out!
yes there are patches u can get them at like a Cvs or Walmart.i cant remember what there called tho
squeeze them suckers out.

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