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How can you get ride of blackhead's on your nose?

I'm 14 and i've noticed that i have blackhead's on my nose and i clean my face everyday so i don't get why i have them do any of yall have any suggestion's on what i should use thank's and please say in full detail:)How can you get ride of blackhead's on your nose?
push your Nose up it will squeeze out... i Did it about 2days ago because there was 1 On my Nose... u have to get rid of them or they will dig in your skin and bring tiny holesHow can you get ride of blackhead's on your nose?
Use warm water pat them around your nose wait for a couple of minutes, your pores will gradually open, then dip a clean cloth in warm water then massage it around your nose gently, and that will help the black head or white heads pop out. This is the cheapest way, but don't do it everyday or else your nose will get really dry. Only when you need to do, usually one or twice a month.
A treatment that works for getting rid of blackheads is to exfoliate, you should exfoliate your nose and the region around it. Exfoliating helps to remove the blackheads as well as to prevent them by decreasing the size of the pores. Blackheads usually appear when the pores get clogged and pores get clogged when they are huge and open. So by exfoliating you would be able to reduce the size of the pores and prevent blackheads.

An exfoliant that I would recommend to use is Zenmed's AHA/BHA Complex. It contains high grade glycolic acid, purified water and 2% BHA to create a gentle peeling action over the skin to remove blackheads, scar marks, fine lines, dark spots and evens out your skin tone and reduces the size of pores. Results are quick and in a weeks time, you would see improvements in your skin' condition.
Getting rid of blackheads is a difficult task. And there are many methods out there that simply don't work.

For example...

......squeezing, steaming and popping.

But here's a method that do work. It's called exfoliation. Once you start to treat it, it becomes less visible.

Exfoliation is the removal of the top layer of skin (the epidermis). And is effective for almost every type of facial skin care problem.

But here's how exfoliation can get rid of blackheads......

Blackheads form when sebum (natural oils produced by the skin) gets trapped in the skin's pores. And if these pores are partly open, then oxygen reacts with the trapped sebum, turning it black in color.

Now to remove these blackheads requires you to ';un-roof'; the heads of the clogged pores.

And guess what......

......that's exactly what exfoliation does when removing the epidermis of the skin.

And once the head of the pore is removed, the trapped sebum can be taken out via cleansers and toners.

So how do you exfoliate?

Well you can visit a doctor's office to have a chemical peel, laser peel or a microdermabrasion procedure.

But I must warn you that these procedures are expensive. In fact a chemical peel procedure can cost up to $300.

But there's a cheaper way if you're interested.

You can purchase the at-home versions of the chemical peels and/or microdermabrasion creams. These work well although you'll take a little longer to get the results your looking for.

However, once you've removed the top layer of skin (the epidermis), you'll easily get that trapped sebum out of your pores.

Hope this info was useful.
it's been a while since I was 14, but hope this article helps:鈥?/a>

I think they have great tips about how to get rid of them! let me know if it helped! :)
use ever soft black head remover cream. It work great. And using it for 1 month u wont have black heads again. Also u can use it in neck. Isn't it great鈥?/a>

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