Friday, January 8, 2010

I have lots of blackheads on my chest?

as soon as i pick them then the next day they will have doubled and they don't go when i leave them i wash my chest sometimes once a day sometimes every other day please helpI have lots of blackheads on my chest?
get a nice face mask from the drug store with clay or mud. A more expensive one will have sulfer in it, that is better but you can get away with a cheaper one. Put in on at least 10 minutes before you get in the shower. It doesn't have to dry all the way. Then sit in the shower for a little bit so it steams and softens. This will help the product penetrate and really clean out your pores. Rinse all off in the shower. After your shower you can do some gentle extractions and then put on a toner or astringent (like clean and clear, or something with alcohol in it). Do this once or twice a week, maybe up to three times the first week. Hope this helps!!!I have lots of blackheads on my chest?
You need to exfoliate your skin on a regular basis- try a loofah . You may need to apply an acne treatment or astringent to the area as well. Picking at them spreads the bacteria around and will only increase your problem!
quit picking them and keep it clean. exfoliating is a great idea. If its that much of an issue, make SURE you wash every day. Blackheads are caused by oil/dirt buildup.
You need to exfoliate and drink lots of water. And stop picking them! (:
get a blackhead stick and pop em out.

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