Friday, January 8, 2010


NEED HELP: I have black heads...I have tried blackhead erasers...apricot scrub. it didn't work help me please!! :] thanx.BLACKHEADS! HOW DO YOU GET RID OF THEM?
There's these sticky-like things that you can put on your nose (if you get them there) and you put them on and rip it off about 10 minutes later and a lot of the blackheads just come out. They'll be at a drugstoreBLACKHEADS! HOW DO YOU GET RID OF THEM?
Mix oatmeal with egg white and apply it on the affected area twice a week. Wash it off when it is dry. Check out for more useful tips to control blackheads.
I say getting in the sun.Going to the pool and the beach often.Helped alot with my acne and it should help with yours.Plus you get a good tan=).
Clean them clean them. I get them on my noise. Squeeze them till the stuff is all out. Then when ever you shower rub the wash cloth on them to clean them out. The more there cleaned the faster there go away. Wash your hans befor and after. Then wash your face when your done. Some might hurt but that's the only way to clean them out right.

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