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What Causes Spots & Blackheads ?

blackheads and acne is caused by dirt and oil getting trapped in your pores....and the worse your eating habits, the worse your stress, and if you have naturally oily skin, the more you will break out. However, you can use stuff like neutrogena to get rid of and prevent it.

Now, also if you are referring to little brown spots that lay on your skin; those are caused by sun exposure and the only way to prevent those is to use sunscreen. and if you want to get rid of the ones you have, try Bio works on scars, spots, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, and wrinkles. I have tried this stuff on my stretch marks and scars and it really does work, so i would highly recommend it if you have anything like what i listed above.

well i hope this helped. What Causes Spots %26amp; Blackheads ?
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It is generally thought that acne is caused by skin over-reacting to hormones, probably the male hormone testosterone. More men suffer from acne than women because of their higher levels of testosterone. Skin is covered with tiny hair follicles each with a gland that produces an oily substance called sebum. In some people the gland becomes over-active producing more oil which mixes with dead skin cells and blocks the follicle. An infection then builds up behind the blockage causing acne. Acne spots develop in several ways. Blackheads and whiteheads form when the follicle is blocked. These can become infected as the oil builds up and infection then causes the characteristic acne spots to appear. The acne spots can be either a raised spot, a pus spot or a hard lump. Large spots can leave scars.


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What Causes Spots %26amp; Blackheads ?
if your run down you can get spots, if you drink a lot of alcohol this dehidrates the skin and causes spots, basic hygeine also, theres a lot of reasons.
mainly tension and stress frnd. why cant to go for meditation it helps a lot, sleep nicely.drink more water it helps a lot.take it easy man, life is to enjoy buddy.all the best
Dirt becoming trapped in the pore.

Use a wash cloth when you wash your face to help get rid of dead skin cells.
Hygiene and diet

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