Friday, January 8, 2010

How do you remove blackheads?

my son has been using pine tar soap for a over two months now. it has really helped clear it up. he had it really bad. huge sores on his face, back and some on his arms and chest. you can get it thru your pharmacy. it costs about $4 a bar and a bar can last 3-4 wks. His skin is 100 percent clearer nowHow do you remove blackheads?
wetting a washcloth with warm water and soap and letting your pores open for 3-5 minutes.. then getting a blackhead remover and pressing on them to remove them.. or a bobby pin works ok.. press straight down done drag..

use a skin cleanser like noxzema to close pores.. and clean regularly..How do you remove blackheads?
Theres little tape things and you just stick em on and there out !
pop them out just like you pop pimples .. oh and they also have these bandages at the stores that makes them come out

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