Friday, January 8, 2010

How do you remove blackheads?

you should get a facialHow do you remove blackheads?
Biore' works and is interesting to look at once you are done. I get facials.How do you remove blackheads?
SQUEEZE that $hit
i have found a Miracle in a bottle it is call Witch-Hazel. if you go in a store Witch-Hazel is usually next to the Alcohol/Peroxide. it clears u up in just one day.
hot compression (with washcloth, as hot as you can handle)

biore deep cleansing face wash and blackhead removal strips

make sure you wash your face every morning and night

clean %26amp; clear blackhead eraser

when washing your face it the shower, almost.. ';scratch'; your nose around where the blackheads are; only do this if you wear foundation b/c your nose will become a little bit red.

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