Friday, January 8, 2010

How do i get blackheads to go ???

1. Exfoliate - BUT unlike what someone on this thread said, DO NOT exfoliate more than once a week, your skin will get sensitive and irritated making it prone to breakouts

2. Pore pack - best time to do it after a shower, simple, leave it on for 10-15 mins and remove gently

3. Use metal blackhead remover (which can be bought at your local pharmacy) and remove anything thats left

4. Wash your face and apply a mask (I use ORIGINS white clay mask)

5. Use a toner and disinfectantHow do i get blackheads to go ???
scoop the middle out of a tomato and wipe it over them leave for a while then rinse off it draws them outHow do i get blackheads to go ???
in a cup put lemon juice and a egg( only the white part of the egg) mix them together and put it in your face... Let it dry and you will see the difference... at the end when is dry wash your face.. Good Luck!!
Wash your face with warm soapy water twice a day, it stops the muck building up. If, during the day, you get particularly sweaty or oily, splash your face with warm water. But don't get into the habit of doing it to often, I heard that it dehydrates the skin if you splash your face too much in a day.
Dont squeeze them. put sudocream on it.drys them out.
Keep face as clean as possible.exfoliate regularly and keep off sweet and fatty foods, if you sweat a lot around nose area use a facial wipe or anti bacterial wipe, it is the pores in the face that are getting clogged up that causes black heads
Wash your face.
After you clean your face use Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing

Cleanser.About 拢2 50 in Superdrug.The Tops.
Exfoliate 2 or 3 times a week.
ya pop em!
easy use Neotrogena everyday and eat less sweets mk =]
Dye them white.....!
you can use the strips that bior makes...

those get rid of them.
I usually get mine in a sit-down eatery, but you can ask for them in a brown paper bag to go. They are just not popular enough for take out windows yet, but rest assured that the McBlackhead will be in McDonald's some day!
they say sweets have nothing to do with it. Get a deep cleansing scrub with exfoliates in it. Do that once a week
exfoliate regularly..drink lots of water every day..keep the face clean and oil free..

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