Sunday, April 25, 2010

ACCUTANe, blackheads, whiteheads?!? HELP?

I am on accutane am have been getting terrible white and blackheads on my nose.

I just pickes at them, my nose is all read and you can see my pores.


what can I do to reverse what I just did?

=[ACCUTANe, blackheads, whiteheads?!? HELP?
don't pick them. just keep taking the accutane, they will go away.

does your nose feel rough, kind of like a strawberry or a cactus when you touch it with your finger? that is normal, it will only last a little while until the accutane fully kicks in.ACCUTANe, blackheads, whiteheads?!? HELP?
You might try microderm abrasion. It is used to repair damaged skin due to acne, sun damage, and fever blisters and cold sores. I had scars due to fever blisters and cold sores and used a microderm abrasion product and my face looks much better. I have a friend who used this for acne scars and it worked for her. Microderm abrasion kits are available at any health and beauty aid department and are very affordable.

If you are taking Accutane, is your doctor checking your liver functions, a simple blood test? When taking this medication your liver should be monitored.
I too have been on accutane. It was the best treatment for me by far but unfortunately you have the most fragile brittle skin known to man. Its REALLY important not to pick at your pimples especially during this treatment. I had many scabs on my face from doing so and they healed but had minor scarring from it.

have you been on accutane for long? Your acne is supposed to get worse before it gets better.

Just hang in there. It's a long haul. I was on it for 5 months, the blood tests were a pain since being a female I had to go on a monthly basis. It will be all worth it in the end.. but in the meantime just use cold water compresses if try and quiet down any redness.

If it gets much worse see if your dr might be able to prescribe a safe hydrocortisone cream for you. Do not use anything abrasive on your face or skin for that matter. It will only cause more damage
Well if you just started accutane thats why you have been getting them. For the first 2-4 weeks your acne will worsten when on it. DONT PICK AT THEM THO! They will only stay longer and maybe even scar. I rather have a bad zit for a couple days then pick at it and have a scar there for the rest of my life.

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