Sunday, April 25, 2010

Popping blackheads?

if i pop out my blackheads, will i bleed? i have a lot to squeeze out, so will i bleed a lot? is popping them out even a good idea? thanksPopping blackheads?
No, if you pop your blackheads you will not bleed. it will hurt but, you won't bleed. The blackheads (which I am assuming it on your nose) would come out yellowish white when you squeeze it, which is odd. Anyways, It is better and I think healthier if you use the strips that you put in your nose, leave it on for a couple of minutes and when you take it out all of the blackheads (pores) are in the strip. The name of this product is pore cleanserPopping blackheads?
pop them! i am a beautition and its called extraction

first, get a large bowl ( mixing bowl ) fill it with boiled water from a kettle, put you face abuve the bowl ( a few inches ) and place a towel over your head and the bown

this will alot lots of steam onto your face which will open up all the pores, the black heads will pop very very easily :)

you may bleed a little but dont worry about it
Have a hot bath, facial sauna or put warm flannels on your skin for a few mins. With clean fingers or clean cotton cloth, gently place fingers either side of offending blackhead and press towards centre. Don't go too hard! If it is really to 'some out' it will gently release a yellow sebum/hard oil. There will be no blood. If you think 'Ouch' then you are best off stopping straight is not ready.
i dont think its possible and if it is

it would hurt ALOT and bleed!

get a small towell, wet it with hot water, then put if on ur nose for 5 mins.

[it brings the black heads to the surface]

then use clean and clear blackhead removing scrub everyday.

then bior strips every 3 days.

it worked for me.
no! you have to use too much pressure....even if you were to steam your face before doing so.see an aesthetician or use biore blackhead remover.with the biore, you may have to go through 2-3 boxes before it's completely gone.
Actually, you can squeeze blackheads and be fine. It's the whiteheads that you shouldn't pop. It can lead to infection and leave ugly scars on your face.
Go for it, you wont bleed, and you cant beat that feeling of watching that hideous snake like thing crawl out of your skin.
You never want to pop anything on your face. Try using a good cleanser and maybe even a face mask for deep cleansing and exfoliation.
u want to open up the pores 1st b4 doing that. steem or jst using very hot water will help. than ya go for it. but make sure once ur done rub some ice on those areas to close the pores
DON'T pop them.
Scrub them with sugar

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