Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blackheads, ill!!!! Help.?

I have several blackheads on my face. Some of them are prominent while others seem like they are embedded in my skin. I have tried everything including having my aesthetician extract them only to leave black marks. Any ideas? I have bronze skin by the way. Thanks in advance..Blackheads, ill!!!! Help.?
Soooo.... blackheads are caused by overactive oil glands producing oil. The oil gets forced up to the skin, the hardens, and gets oxidated, turning black (the same reason matches and candle wax and stuff turn black, ya know).

Blackheads can cause acne, by closing off the pores and causing infection.

****A good way to get rid of them is by pressing a warm wet washcloth or something like that to the area - it will loosen things up and all that - then use a face scrub.

You can buy things like pore strips (any brand, I suggest Biore), read directions and stuff. They're really good.

Picking at them and squeezing them works, but it increases the size of the hole (not to mention just touching your dirty hands to them makes your skin suck).

=)Blackheads, ill!!!! Help.?
You skin always makes what causes blackheads so their is nothing you can to permanently. But a scrub will temporally clear out the pore.
steam ur face and wipe it off with a rag some should come off???

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