Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to get rid of blackheads!!!!!!!!!!!?

i have them on my nose... and i hate that........ i clean my face everyday.... and its just drying my face out...... but the blackheads are still there....... are there any products that work really well!!!!!!!!How to get rid of blackheads!!!!!!!!!!!?
Biore pore strips works really good and use the blackhead warming face wash. The strips are about $8 and the face wash is about $5, you can get them at walmart, target places like that.How to get rid of blackheads!!!!!!!!!!!?
I found a wonderful product. Sadly, I don't know what it's called. It's at Sam's Club, or Costco, can't really remember, but it's amazing. It is advertised as ';Better than ProActive'; and it really is. There's this cream you put on the problem areas and about 30 seconds later all the blackheads start oozing. Kind of gross, but it's really effective. If that's too vague, try Apricot Scrub. Don't get ';for sensitive skin'; because that stuff doesn't work, just get the normal stuff, use it once a day and it's amazing. Hope this helps!
Medicated Acne Peel made by Bee Luscious Cosmetics
well this isnt a face product put it really helps if you use toothpaste it really helps it even somethins your skin
Ive tried a lot of products but ive found that none get rid of black heads. If they are large and noticable then just squeaze or 'pop' em. You could also try a pore minimizing face wash. If they are just small ones that are getting on your nerves then id say dont look at yourself so closely in the mirror. Other ppl cant see em so why stress over it. Hope this helps =]
Cleracile blackheads, have you seen the ad.

you should try it
Yeah I do too, it stinks!! I'm currently trying Neutrogena Blackhead Remover wipes, but just go to your local 99 cent store (if you have one) and they have those blackhead remover things where you leave it on for 5 min then you peel it off and your blackheads are gone....but the thing is, THEY ALWAYS COME BACK!! :(
gently scrub pure milk on it everyday
Just squeeze the damn things!!! That way they will be gone.

But do it sort of gently as not to bruise the skin too much.

Then use the soap and medication. I've been doing this for over thirty years!! Seems as though they'll always be there.... even a small way.

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