Sunday, April 25, 2010

Destroying Blackheads!!! Any successes?

I'm sure this has been asked a hundred times but I would like to hear success stories (if they even exist) on how to get rid of those awful blackheads once and for all. I currently use Pro-Activ and it works good for pimples, and red bumps; it does NOTHING for my blackheads. I even wonder if perfect skin is even an option. (wishful thinking)Destroying Blackheads!!! Any successes?
yes heres my story!

its simple and cheap. just use rubbing achohol. First wash face. Then use a very hot face cloth on your face to open up the pores. Then pour some rubbing achohol on the face cloth and sort of rub your face. It obsorbs the oil in your skin which has the dirt and blackheads stuff in it and it cleans it really fast. This also gets rid of pimples


you may feel a liltle pain

but that just means its working so goodluck!Destroying Blackheads!!! Any successes?
Try Biore and St. Ives scrub.
SWIM daily in a chlorinated pool.

My son is a lifeguard. He said no one who swims has acne.

Try it for a while!

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