Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blackheads and poress!!?

i have blackheads on my nose and my pores show on my cheeks. i've been using retin a for a year..

should i see a doctor so they can make my pores smaller and get rid of my blackheads?Blackheads and poress!!?
No I use Aveda and got rid of them naturally and helped my pore I LOVE ITBlackheads and poress!!?
Have you try proactive?
My brother used to have really bad blackheads and acne he used proactive and it really worked. its a little expencive but its def worth it. It took about a month before he seen any results though and was completly cleared up with-in 6 months but he had it really bad!!
I use Neutrogena Visibly Clear Cleansing Cushions for blackheads. They really work and are gentlr enough to use everyday if you need to. Also make sure that any foundation you use is non-comedogenic as this is non pore blocking which will result in less blackheads. As for pores, you could try Clinique's pore minimizing solutions or facial scrubs.
sometimes the makeup you use could make pores bigger.
Retin a damages your skin. i had a problem like yours. I use proactive faithfully.They have an amazing sulfer mask that i used everyday for 30 days and my pores look normal now.It costs about 45 dollars for a 3 month supply,and you get the mask free.You should also steam your face over a pot of hot steamy water to open the pores,then use your face cleanser it will help allow your pores to be opened to clean ou those blackheads.It is not an overnight thing to get rid of black heads. The reasin they are black is not from dirt it is because the oils have built up for so long that it turns to a black color.After you cleanser you need to put a cold wash cloth on your face for a few minutes to close your pores,then you need to use a toner,then a moisturizer.You gotta do this 2x a day to improve your skin.All products must read oil-free non-comedogenic.You can buy products like these at wal-mart or you can purchase a kit from pro-active

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